Water For Life's aim is to provide clean water, irrigation for farming opportunities, education and other means of assistance to the Haitian people.

Education Divine Help School

The Divine Help School has been operating since 1989. God has blessed us with a very nice facility for rural Haiti. For many years our school went through 6th grade only, but we have been adding a new grade from time to time for the past several years.

As of 2019 our school includes all high school grades. From Pre-K through high school our enrollment is approximately 600 students.

Medicine Mobile Clinic

The Government doesn’t have the means to ensure an efficient distribution of health resources. The majority of the health care facilities are concentrated in Port-au-Prince and in other larger cities. This situation deprives remote areas of structure to ensure the provision of even basic health care to the population.

Drilling Well Drilling & Irrigation

God has been blessing Water For Life’s well drilling project over the years; we have drilled over 2,000 working wells, providing clean water to over 700,000 people and over 100,000 livestock. Each well provides water for approximately 350 people and 50 head of livestock.

We are happy to tell you that today the numbers are-- over 2,300 working wells, providing water to approximately 805,000 people.

Life Learning Center

We are excited to announce our newest program that directly deals with evangelization and discipleship training. At this pavilion is space for meetings and for activities with local children and youth, with the ultimate purpose of focusing on their spiritual lives and growth. In addition, the pavilion can be used for other meetings such as seminars for church leaders, for married couples and other groups.

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Kids at Well

Often it is children who are responsible for fetching water for their families.

Although young, those small and frail beings carry large buckets or cans on their heads or at arm's length.

When the drinking water point is far away, these children must travel great distances with a heavy burden to transport on their heads.

Having wells close to home allows them to:

  • Reduce the physical impact on their immature bodies by carrying such heavy loads.
  • Improve hygiene conditions for this more vulnerable population!
  • Arrive on time at school or even be able to go to school because they will not have to travel so far to fetch water before school.
  • Even have time to play like all children in the world should have.

When you provide resources and your prayers to drill a well in an area, you bless hundreds of children with good health, joy, hope and trust in the Lord for a better tomorrow.

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Water For Life in Haiti

Water For Life's mission is to provide clean drinking water, irrigation for farming opportunities, education and other means of assistance to the Haitian people.

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