Second Mobile Clinic Activity in 2022

At the end of July, we were able to implement our second mobile clinic of the year.

Glory to God for allowing workers to come forward for the harvest! Indeed, we were able to assemble a team of volunteer doctors and nurses in all the areas we needed.
Water For Life staff, old and new volunteers all worked together for two days to bless and help the Dory community.

Mobile clinics are often the only opportunity for people in a community to see a doctor throughout the year.

For Léonette, 22 years old, 38 weeks pregnant, it was the only opportunity to discover that she was going to have a complication during childbirth due to the dangerous positioning of the placenta. As with her first child, she intended to give birth at home, and if she did, she risked severe hemorrhage with the possibility that neither she nor the child would survive. We convinced her to give birth in a health center for this pregnancy. Léonette is now the mother of a little girl; she was able to have a C-section in the hospital and both are doing well. Thank you, God, for this young woman, thank you, donors, for having allowed us to be the instrument that made it possible to save her life and the life she carried within her!

sonographie Dory July 2022

It is a constant encouragement to experience things like these, and we hope that Léonette’s story has encouraged you too.
For the future mobile clinics, we will need to re-stock our materials and pharmacy. Your support for that is very welcome.
Let us continue together the good works that God has prepared in advance for us!

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