Mobile Clinic: Here We Go Again!

After almost a year of waiting, we are happy to announce that we have been able to start our mobile clinic activity again.
It took a lot of organizational effort and we had to train a new team of local volunteer health professionals.
Even if the team is not yet complete, we were able to set up our first outing in a long time.

Unsurprisingly, the needs were immense for these people who do not have the means to finance health care; some of whom had never before consulted specialists in their life, such as a dentist for example.
On Thursday afternoon, after the installation of the equipment, we held an activity with the community, with a part dedicated to songs of praise and another where we gave advice on water management for sanitation and health purposes. We distributed booklets which presented the Gospel and some Bibles in Creole.
On Friday and Saturday, everyone got down to it, regardless of fatigue and with conviction, and after a day and a half, more than 430 people had been met and who had been able to get medication that they could never have afforded themselves. Many are those who, in the course of a conversation, have been able to express their gratitude.
They are touched by the approach and by the love they feel through the way the entire team welcomed them.
We thank you already for your prayers for the Lord to send more local doctors because the harvest is great. We also hope to be able to do more clinics in the coming months and again, dear donors, we need your support for that.

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