Team of Doctors, Nurses and Support Personnel

In the accompanying photo, we see the team of doctors, nurses, and support personnel who participated in a medical clinic recently in Zoranje, Jacmel, Southeast Haiti.

This past year has not been easy at all with political turmoil leading to a Lockdown for the whole country phenomenon, immediately followed by the Covid-19 pandemic which reduced the possibility for travel for our medical staff for many months, and also we experienced lack of availability of funds for the realization of medical clinics.

The whole team prayed so hard to be able to resume the Mobile Clinic activities that, in the end, God had no other choice but to open the way! And to do this, He used a barbequed chicken fundraiser!!!
This miraculous event was carried out by the leadership of a generous donor. Despite very serious health concerns and a ton of pain, this man organized barbecue grilled chicken for the sole purpose of raising funds to enable Water For Life’s medical team to meet the health needs of the poor in Haiti.

This is a real lesson of courage and perseverance, teaching us that you don’t have to be millionaire to be a philanthropist and to contribute on a large scale to improving people’s living conditions. A will to do good to others mixed with the particular gift that God has given you make the perfect recipe to make a better world.

Thanks to this initiative, 608 people were able to benefit from much needed health care.

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Water For Life in Haiti

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