Enjoying Summer

From left to right: Willio, Carl Henry, Roberto and Sonel are best buddies, they live in the village of Troirac in the mountains of Camp Perrin and recently benefited a water well.

When we first came to visit this place, the boys told us about their journeys hunting for water through crooked paths. They usually had to travel twice a day to bring water from a shallow unprotected spring to their mother. This time consuming activity left little for them to enjoy their childhood and the water quality plague their frail bodies with numerous diseases. At that moment, their wish was very different from most of the wishes of little boys like them. They wanted a water well.

Thanks to your generous heart, God has answered their prayer and a well was dug in their village a month ago. Now their bodies will no longer suffer from worm infestation leading to anemia and malnutrition.

They want to thank you for making it possible for them to play today, enjoying a nice warm summer day between boys.

To help other children Please contact our office at P.O Box 456 Kalona, IA 52247 / Phone: 319 656 5433

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