Sad environment but warm welcome!

In Gilotte/Leogâne there is no water source in the village. The people have to travel more than a kilometer to reach the place where they usually draw water for their many needs. We decided then to follow the children to where they get their water. Upon arrival we were surprised by the children’s shouts and cheerful songs that contrasted severely with the hostile and wild environment. In fact, the place, far from resembling an oasis, was rather like a marsh with puddles of muddy water where there swarmed hundreds of thousands of frog larvae.
That‘s where we met 8 years old Mistale, or rather half of Mistale, because her head and part of her body disappeared into a rocky hole! While we were getting ready to go to her rescue, she pulled out her head and gave a big smile as she stretched out a bowl of surprisingly clear water. That was Gilotte’s water source!
gilotte 2
For Mistale and most people in the village, they assume clear water means good water. They do not know that the stomach aches, diarrhea, and death that sometime follows were directly related to the consumption of this contaminated beverage.
While many children in Gilotte have already died from water-borne diseases, fortunately many are still alive. But for how long? Without a proper source of good water, dire consequences remain a certain threat.
Drilling wells and installing hand pumps in villages such as Mistale’s remain the solution to the loss of these innocent lives.
When you provide for clean water you provide the essentials to health because:
1-Pure drinking water reduces risk of water-borne infectious diseases.
2-Money does not need to be spent on medications but may rather be used for education and good food.
3-Healthy children go to school, help with the chores, and become healthy adults.
While the environment of Gilotte was undoubtedly hostile, the welcome we received was very warm!
Help keep the flame of life in these children and give them the gift of a well!

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