Physical Suffering that Leads to Healing of the Soul

Sarah is 11 years old and she endures the most common and most severe form of sickle cell disease. Her blood cells tend to cluster together and stick to the lining of her blood vessels, making it difficult for them to move through capillaries. These clusters create blockages in Sarah’s small blood vessels, stopping the movement of healthy, oxygen-carrying blood. This blockage decreases oxygen delivery to her tissues, which causes pain and organ dysfunction.

Visits to hospitals became the daily life of this poor girl who came to us totally dehydrated, in excruciating abdominal pain. She had not eaten for more than 48 hours because eating exacerbates her stomach pain even more.

During her on-site treatment (analgesics and IV fluids) at our mobile clinic outreach, Sarah seemed so serene and confident. After completely recovering from her pain, she shared with us her faith in Jesus Christ. She told us that Jesus is and will always be her greatest friend for with every vascular occlusion or any other medical complication she went through, when she prays, He always comes to heal her. Our Lord Jesus is awesome! As He uses you as prayer and financial partners, and the medical staff to relieve amid pain.

Through her illness, little Sarah has found a faithful friend in Jesus Christ. This little girl’s life of patience in suffering is teaching us to remain confident and at peace, knowing that God is the Help that never fails. That clinic day was the answer to a little girl’s prayer. Jesus came to Sarah again and it was through your devotion to helping the most vulnerable. Thank you for relieving Sarah’s suffering and the suffering of more people by supporting Water For Life Mobile Clinic Program. You bring people not only physical healing but also that of the soul. ~

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