“Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me”

Jordany is 23 years old and has been blind for 7 years now. He is one among many patients who came to the mobile clinic in Navarre, Camp Perrin, South, Haiti.
Jordany recounts his story, how in his early teens, he began to suffer from a weakened vision that had a terrible impact on his academic performance. He explained to his parents the difficulties he was facing; they could only listen to him and try to reassure him it will get better, as they had no means to go to the nearby city of Cayes to see an eye doctor.

Unfortunately, his condition only worsened, and one morning he woke up in the dark and howled panicked calls to his mother. His mother managed to borrow money from her neighbors and quickly set out to see the doctor in Cayes. After numerous tests and exams, he was diagnosed with eye atrophy due to undiagnosed juvenile glaucoma characterized by high internal eye pressure. Glaucoma is a condition that other members of his family suffer from, notably his grandfather.

Nothing could be done to restore his sight; it was too late for Jordany. Because of his family’s poverty, Jordany could not benefit from the services of an eye doctor for routine screening that could have saved his vision at a stage when the field of vision was not too damaged, and secure him a future where he as a 23-year-old would have been able to work and support himself.

Most congenital or juvenile glaucoma should be operated on before damage to the field of vision is too advanced, but eye drops may also be prescribed, especially when surgical procedures are insufficient to control eye pressure. For a family where basic necessities like eating a meal every day is a challenge, purchasing eye drops at the cost of $12 to $17 that only lasts for 15 days on an income of less than $1 per day is impossible, and many like Jordany will face a life of darkness, poverty, and dependence as a result. God has a divine purpose for everyone and is able to use Jordany’s weakness to His glory.

Your donations towards the Water for Life mobile clinic are of vital importance and life impact. By the grace of God and thanks to your generosity, we will keep loving and helping people by screening, educating, and providing them with the costly drops they need so much.

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