I Need You Because…

You gave my poor mom a smile, whose face, before you appeared in our lives, expressed fright every time she had to give to her children a cup of dubious fluid filled with germs. At this time, I believed she had no real choice because, before you gave us this well, everyone in the village had to draw water from the unprotected river.

You have spared me from long journeys to neighboring villages in search of the invaluable liquid.

With you, I am no longer the prey of child predators who languish in the woods in search of these vulnerable beings who, like me, have the painful task of carrying on their frail shoulders the heavy container filled with the water we all need to survive.

With you, I finally have the joy of existing as a child, running, climbing, laughing, and helping with household chores without having to sacrifice either playing or my schooling.

With you, I can finally be the creature that my Creator intended. Your attention towards me uncovers the true meaning of Love. Because of His love, God created you for me!

Thank you!

A grateful kid from Mineur Village at Torbeck, South Haiti

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Water For Life in Haiti

Water For Life's mission is to provide clean drinking water, irrigation for farming opportunities, education and other means of assistance to the Haitian people.

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