Hurricane Matthew in Charrier, Haiti

hurricane Matthew CharrierIn Charrier, near the town of Les Cayes in the South of Haiti where Water for Life is based, in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew many found themselves roofless, with their crops destroyed. For these poor people living on a day-to-day basis, life took a turn for the worst when they could no longer feed or shelter their families.

Fortunately, with your unconditional support, WFL was by their side, helping 250 families receive a food distribution along with tin to shelter their families from the harsh sun and from the rain.

The roof for the community’s school, their most precious resource, was also destroyed during the hurricane, so school is unable to function. They turn also to us for help so their children can go back into the school facility. Our focus presently is in the village of Charrier due to our limited capacities; however, every day we have to face ever-growing numbers from other nearby villages that are in search of relief for their families.

In the hope of new distribution in two weeks, we call upon your prayers and generous donations to bring help and comfort for those in great need of it.

Meanwhile, the presence of cholera further west, post-hurricane, pushes us to go to those regions to drill more community wells, knowing that good water will greatly diminish that threat, which is lethal to those whose immune systems are most compromised, especially the very old and the very young.

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Water For Life in Haiti

Water For Life's mission is to provide clean drinking water, irrigation for farming opportunities, education and other means of assistance to the Haitian people.

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