Donors, You’re PEACEMAKERS

Malienne Lazare is 44 years old and takes care of 6 children by herself. Her heart was pounding when the nurse proceeded with her PAP smear at the Water For Life mobile clinic in Tigoav/Bazilba.

Miss Daphnée seemed to be a nice and attentive nurse but that was not enough to appease the great anxiety which paralyzed this poor lady.

Unfortunately, in Haiti, not all have access to preventive medicine, and Malienne did not know much about cervical cancer and the importance of early detection.

Never having been screened before, this mother– worried about the future of her children and wondering what would happen to them if she ever got cancer– tried hard to remain attentive to Daphnée’s explanation on the steps of this examination.

When finally the nurse announced that the screening test revealed no precancerous lesions, Malienne couldn’t help tears of relief and joy from rolling down her cheeks.

She embraced Daphne several times, crying and showing deep gratitude to all those who helped to bring peace and joy to her and many others.

To hundreds of people receiving free medical care in remote areas in Haiti, you donors are PEACEMAKERS!

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