Well Drilling & Irrigation

Well Drilling

God has been blessing Water For Life’s well drilling project over the years; we have drilled over 1,800 working wells, providing clean water to over 630,000 people and over 90,000 livestock.

Roughly 95% of the wells are in rock or gravel. The deepest well we have ever drilled is 810 feet. We are grateful to have a second, newer well drilling rig which allows us to drill more wells and service more villages.

We service all the wells we drill, which is a full-time job for our 2 pump teams. Our Haitian employees go out with the service trucks to install new pumps and to keep them all in working order. Our priority is to maintain every well that we drill. With hundreds of people on a single well with a hand pump, it will break down in time.

Most people in Haiti would have neither equipment, nor tools, nor parts to fix them on their own. We have wells that were drilled 30 years ago that are as good today as when they were first drilled.

In addition to the hand pumps we install in these community wells, there are places we have also installed solar pumps, due to the depth of the wells.

We consider maintenance a big part of our drilling program.

Most villages in Haiti have an urgent need for clean water. The coordinator of our well-drilling team works with the local communities to plan the drilling schedule and maintenance of the wells. Communities are required to give a small participation fee for this service, with the view in mind that local participation builds a sense of ownership in the project.

While today we use GPS coordinates to record the accurate location of our wells, years ago that was not possible. The coordinates we have are then recorded electronically on a map program that can be viewed here on this site.

Other villages in areas further away continue to come making requests for wells. We know the need is real. So as the Lord provides funds we keep on drilling. We started drilling in Passe Bois D’Orme and since then, we have spread to many other distant villages.


Currently we have six 10″ community irrigation wells drilled in the Passe Bois d’Orme area and one in the Oliver/ Petit Gôave area. We have worked with community leaders and divided irrigated land into ½-acre lots, so over 100 families can benefit from these gardens. In this area, very few crops can be harvested if they are not irrigated, since rainfall is quite sparse most of the year. The local farmers contribute the fuel needed to run the motors and manage the entire irrigation system. They are very thankful for the water. As a result of the irrigated farmlands, they have work, food, and income for their families.


If you are interested in contributing to our well-drilling/maintenance and irrigation programs, please follow this link to donate.