Sad environment but warm welcome!

In Gilotte/Leogâne there is no water source in the village. The people have to travel more than a kilometer to reach the place where they usually draw water for their many needs. We decided then to follow the children to where they get their water. Upon arrival we were surprised by the children’s shouts and […]

Hurricane Matthew in Charrier, Haiti

In Charrier, near the town of Les Cayes in the South of Haiti where Water for Life is based, in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew many found themselves roofless, with their crops destroyed. For these poor people living on a day-to-day basis, life took a turn for the worst when they could no longer feed or […]

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti

Hurricane Matthew hit the south coast of Haiti with full force the night of October 3, leaving behind a path of destruction and despair. Strong winds and rain and terrible flooding destroyed many houses and crops. After a sleepless night, many faced the new day with their only possession the damp clothes they were wearing. […]