Mobile Health Clinic

In Haiti, less than 20% of the population has access to health care in their community.

The Government doesn’t have the means to ensure an efficient distribution of health resources. The majority of the health care facilities are concentrated in Port-au-Prince and in some other large cities.

This situation deprives remote areas of structure to ensure the provision of even basic health care to the population. Health education is neglected causing most people in Haiti to be totally unaware of the existence of modern medicine. The mode of transmission of contagious diseases is unknown to them. Concepts such as oral hygiene do not fit in their routine of life. Even the easiest-to-treat diseases are considered as evil spells (Voodoo spirits) thrown by enemies or envious neighbors.

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Water For Life is aware of the enormity of the problem. We started a Mobile Clinic and Health Education Program for the benefit of the populations in remote areas with no access to basic health care. This new program is based on both preventive and curative medicine, as well as training of the communities on the hygiene basic principles.

Our objectives for the Mobile Clinic and Health Education Program are:

  • to share the Gospel of Christ
  • demonstrate the compassionate love of God to the people
  • provide preventive and curative care
  • decrease the rate of morbidity and mortality in remote areas
  • raise awareness, educate, train, inform, and reduce the prevalence of transmissible diseases

We plan to have a clinic every 6 weeks. Based on our last expenses, we spend an average of $2,500.00 on drug medicines per clinic. The majority of Water for Life’s work carried out in Haiti is done by volunteers. The medical staff is mainly composed of volunteer nurses and doctors from Haiti and USA. However Water for Life hopes to be financially supplement the medical team according to the needs of each community.

We ask for your prayer and support as we go to remote areas bringing spiritual as well as physical healing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ by medical teams that God has blessed to care for those in needs. We pray that you would partner with us as we bring deliverance through Jesus Christ for the sick and the hurting.


If you are interested in sponsoring our mobile clinic, please follow this link to donate.